Saturday, April 10, 2010

What to see in the Holy Land

The Holy Land, located in the Israeli and Palestinian territories, is rich in cultural and historical heritage, religious sites and beautiful landscapes.

These are some of the sites you can enjoy during your visit. Janette has suggested an itinerary, that is the one we plan to follow, but of course you can make your own one.

Tel Aviv
The capital of Israel, known as "The White City" (the same as Arequipa is called) is remarkable for its Bauhaus style buildings for which it has been declared World Heritage.

The holiest city contains sacred places for Muslims, Christians and Jewish people, sharing more than 2000 years of history.
The Dome of the Rock is the third most important mosque in the world, after Mecca and Medina and certainly one of the most beautiful. Jerusalem is the place where the Prophet Mohammed went to Heaven.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is the most important site in the Christendom, which contains the Golgotha, the place where Jesus was crucified and his tomb.

The Western Wall is the most important place for the Jewish people, all that remains from the Great Temple destroyed by the Romans in the 1st century.

Close to Jerusalem, in Palestine, the Church of the Nativity commemorates the place where Christ was born.

Not so far from there Herodion is a fortress from the time of Herodes the Great.

Also in Palestine, the oldest city in humankind contains important archeological sites, such a mound tomb. Also interesting is the orthodox Monastery of the Temptation, from where impressive panoramas can be seen. A cable car can take you to the top.

Dead Sea
Located 400 meters below the sea level, is the lowest place on Earth. It is called Dead Sea because it is so salty that nobody survives in its waters. The mud in its shore is famous for its medicinal properties. Hey! and you can read a book while lying in the water! You will not sink!

The most visited place in the Holy land after Jerusalem, it is an impressive fortress perched on top of a hill. This was the last place where the Jews resisted the Romans in the revolt of 70 AD. When the place was finally captured, all the Jewish rebels commited suicide, killing first to their wives and children.

One of the most charming towns in the Holy Land, it still keeps much of its traditional spirit. This is the place where Christ grew up, so ther are many churches commemorating that event, and the city is mainly inhabited by a large population of Christians.

Caesarea Maritima.
The ruins of a magnificent harbour dedicated to Julius Cesar by Herodes the Great. It has a beautiful theatre overlooking the sea.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to the Holy Land!

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